In Gattatico there are two beautiful villas Farnese dating back to the sixteenth century, used by the Dukes of Parma as hunting lodges. In Praticello there is the Church of St. Matthew, built between 1690 and 1703. The bell tower that stands on piles of oak hangs about a foot. The Church of San Vitale, at Olmo, consecrated in 1891, is situated on an artificial, preserves an ancient wooden Madonna. The Church of San Francesco, in Taneto, has a golden chalice of 1605 and a silver monstrance of 1776. Four courts are also worthy of attention: the Rainusso, north-west of Taneto; Ferri-Bigliardi in Nocetolo, the Jordanians, a closed courtyard with ancient frescoes, located at Taneto and Carmi, located in Fiesso. Between the various watermills located in the area of Gattatico, two in particular deserve attenction: the one in Olmo on the Spelta small river, and the one of Fiesso, on the homonymous river.

The FOOD AND WINE TOURS of the Courts of Reggio, the courts of refined Renaissance lords such as Gonzaga, Bentivoglio, Da Correggio, along with the traditions of good eating and good living handed down from "rezdore" of the old families in the Parmigiano Reggiano are waiting to involve you in a journey of taste, history, culture. The excellence of the food and wine led to the creation of itineraries of taste that accompany directly in the areas of production. In particular, we report, in the area of Parma, la strada del Culatello, La strade del prosciutto e dei vini dei colli (ham and wines of the hills), la strada del fungo porcino(porcini mushrooms.) In the course of reggio a taste of the first floor is the road of wines and flavors of the Hills of Scandiano and Canossa, famous for the quality of life for its quality products, but also for the historical deeds of the Countess Matilda of Canossa.